Meet the New Light Team

New Light Website is powered by Gustavo, who believes websites can be done better. With digital marketing and web experience of over 5 years working in the web space for companies large and small. One key factor he noticed over time was that small businesses often did not use the Web to its maximum potential to grow their businesses.

I aim to help businesses succeed with a strong digital presence. By taking the complexity of web design and development and breaking it down so the focus is on what truly matters to your business. By doing that, together we’ll quickly create a website that can help you accomplish your aspirations.

The Team


Hi I’m Gustavo Ornelas. I started New Light Website because my father’s small business was struggling and he was having a hard time paying the mortgage for the home I grew up in.

Then I decided to build a website for my dad’s junk removal and dumpster rental business. Once we launched the site, my dad started getting calls, then emails, then more calls and more emails. Now my dad has a steady stream of clients always coming in from his website. Today, paying the bills is much easier.

I realized that there are many businesses who are like my dad’s was. In the dark. No hope, no direction, just doing the day-to-day, no idea that the internet, which we use everyday, can be such a powerful vehicle for their business. This is why I created New Light Website. To show people and businesses like my father’s that there is hope, and I show them by helping them succeed online.

Before New Light Website I graduated from Chico State with a degree in Media Arts, Design, and Technology. After that, I took a job doing marketing communications for a manufacturing company in Valencia where I learned the power of digital marketing. A few years later, I decided to take the skills I learned and use them outside of my 9-to-5. That’s when I built a website for my dad and created New Light Website.

When I’m not working I like to mess around with my camera, go to the gym, and I like traveling or going to live music events every once in a while.


  • Photography
  • Fitness
  • Meditating
  • Traveling
  • Classic movies

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